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Dryer Repair Toronto

Dryer Repair in Toronto, Ontario

Is your dryer not working?

QA Appliance Repair Toronto can repair your clothes dryer in Toronto and the GTA. Scheduling a repair online is quick and easy. A certified appliance repair technician will arrive at your location, diagnose the issue, and begin the repair. We can repair your dryer wherever you bought it. We can fix all major appliance brands, makes, and models.

Noisy Clothes Dryer

We can repair your dryer when it becomes noisy by correcting problems and replacing parts like seals, bearings or worn belts.

Dryer not heating

If your dryer is not heating or not producing enough heat to dry clothes, we can inspect and replace the fuses or heating elements.

Dryer timer stops advancing

Our appliance repair technicians can find out what is causing your dryer’s timer to stop advancing. They will troubleshoot parts like the dryer timer and cycling thermostat.

Dryer won’t start

If your dryer will not start, our technicians will get to the root cause and get it working again. The dryer’s high limit thermostat may be the cause.

Clothes take too long to dry

We can troubleshoot your dryer for coils and thermostat issues to find out why it is taking too long to dry clothes.

Dryer gets too hot

When your dryer gets too hot, a faulty thermostat or fuse may be responsible. A certified appliance repair technician will have it drying at the correct temperature again.

Dryer will not tumble

If your dryer will not tumble, a worn or defective belt may be to blame. we can quickly diagnose the issue and replace the parts.

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Dryer Repair